The vast inventory at Villains Vintage spans from the ’40s through the ’80s.  We specialize in hard-to-find, original rock t-shirts and statement-making pieces that have unique details and quality fabrics.  We always keep an eye out for what is current in vintage fashion and we pride ourselves on having the best variety of true vintage items across the spectrum from your favorite beat-up band shirt to amazing dresses and furs!

The owner of Villains Vintage has been selling Vintage Clothing and collectibles for over 20 years and has provided customers around the globe with some of the coolest true vintage pieces from New York to Tokyo.  Our 5500 square foot retail store was established in 2009, in the lovely city of Orange, California. Local patrons enjoy our ever-evolving array of accessories for men and women that includes cowboy boots, motorcycle boots, neckties, bow ties, glamorous heels, purses, silk scarves, belts, fabulous jewelry, and much more.  At any given time, we’re stocked with a variety of home decor items, furniture, kitsch, art, vinyl records, and collectibles.

We share our love of vintage with all those who believe in celebrating their own personal style and uniqueness.  If you’re in town, don’t forget to come by and take a look around. There is sure to be something right up your alley.