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1960s/70s Black Embroidered Dress

46″ length
17″ across bust
16″inner sleeve
28″ across hips
17″ across waist
15″ across shoulders
best fits a small/ medium
excellent vintage condition


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    Fabulous advice, Preston! And from one who knows etxcaly what it's like 10 years ago. Your story is incredible and we have so much to learn from you. Absolutely inspiring!Personally my 2 big troubles with finances+business are 2 of the 3 tips you detailed. It is difficult to value yourself as an artist. I struggle with that each and every day as I blog for wedding vendors as a profession. How can I put a price tag on art? A huge struggle; and reminding myself that I deserve to be well compensated for my talents is important. True, I'll hear someone else out there will do what you do for less. I have to remember that yes, someone else out there will do it for less, but they will NOT do what I do. I have my style my art my talent and so I have my price. And that leads me to the 2nd problem I struggle with big time . saying no to a client who can't or doesn't want to afford me. I think a lot of us can find the reason we say yes to many clients who don't or can't afford us is because we have trouble valuing our art and believing we deserve nice compensation. I often feel a sale is a sale and think a lot of us can get caught up in the excitement of the prospective job/design. We forget about price sometimes. And that can lead to big debt troubles like Busy But Poor. If we're not making money (50% as you say) with our work, then we're doing something wrong. Time to reevaluate. Great tips and I definitely think those top 3 things you listed are really key. We have to keep them in the forefront of our designing minds!!All the Best, Preston! - July 13, 2015

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